Level 3 Instructional Techniques


309 PC Assessment Rubric

Blank Lesson Plan from QSP

BLANK-Lesson-Plan-Template as PDF

BLANK-Lesson-Plan-Template as MS doc

  • TP 1 of M104.01 Identify Activities That Will Help Achieve a Healthy Active Lifestyle

  • TP 1 of M106.01 Identify the Parts and the Characteristics of the Daisy 853C Air Rifle

  • TP 1 of M203.01 Discuss Leadership Within a Peer Setting

  • TPs 1 and 2 of M129.01 Recite the Phonetic Alphabet

  •  TP 3 of M129.01 Recite the Phonetic Alphabet

  • TP 1 of M130.02 Describe the Main Components of an Aircraft

  •  TP 1 of M160.01 Identify Major Aerodrome Components

  • TPs 1 and 2 of M160.02 Identify Features of a Runway

  •  TPs 4 and 5 of M230.01 Discuss Aircraft Flown During WWII

  • TP 3 of M231.02 Describe the Production of Lift by an Aircraft Wing

  • TPs 1 and 2 of M231.04 Describe the Axial Movements of an Aircraft

  • TP 1 of M232.01 Identify Types of Aircraft Engines

  • TP 2 of C232.03 Identify the Characteristics of Helicopter Engines

  • TP 2 of C240.03 Identify Parts of a Rocket