Survivair 2017

The SurvivAir Competition is an annual survival competition held over 3 days and two nights with over 40 Air Cadet Squadrons from across Alberta.

Each squadron may enter a team consisting of 8 cadets including:

  •     2 level one cadets
  •     2 level two cadets
  •     2 level thee cadets
  •     2 cadets form any combination of levels one to five
  •     Minimum of 2 cadets from the opposite gender

If a team does not comply with these specifications, they will be allowed to participate, but without consideration for awards. It is suggested that teams have spares for each level of team to participate.

    All components of the competition will be conducted from memory, without aid. The exception is for the five man tent set-up where the aide-memoire may be used during the competition.

Main points of this competition:




The competition will be comprised of the following challenge areas:

  1.     Aircrew survival;
  2.     Physical Fitness
  3.     Marksmanship
  4.     First Aid
  5.     General Cadet Knowledge
  6.     Radio Communication
  7.     Orienteering Skills

Aircrew survival

  •     Fire starting
  •     Ground to air signals
  •     Shelter construction
  •     5 man tent pitching/striking
  •     Snares
  •     Map and compass


  •     Land navigation
  •     Care and use of maps
  •     Parts of compass
  •     Use of 8 figure grid references

Physical fitness

  •     Selected elements from the cadet fitness test per LHQ program


  •     Handling of the Daisy air rifle
  •     Basic range commands
  •     Familiarity with range operations
  •     All cadets must have completed and passed level 1 range classes
  •     All team members will shoot. No direction or training will be provided;
  •     Verbal range declaration by shooters

First aid

  •     Awareness of medical conditions
  •     Fractures
  •     Bleeding
  •     Head injuries
  •     Emotional trauma
  •     Bites and stings
  •     Heat exposure
  •     Shock
  •     Improvised stretcher transportation

Radio Communication

Radio communication once again will be important element in the participation of the challenge including the safety factor. The main radio operator, for the competition, will assess points for each team during the competition.

Details for the 2017 Survivair travel times will be posted ASAP.

The SurvivAir competition is being held at the Rocky Mountain National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre which is West of Cochrane.


  1. Warm sweater/jacket/overcoat
  2. Rain gear
  3. Cap (for sun, wide brim preferred)
  4. Hiking boots or sturdy runners
  5. Wool socks & regular socks (4 pairs)
  6. Field clothing (no rank slipons)
  7. Shirts/blouses
  8. Sweat suits
  9. Pants/jeans (no holes)
  10. Undergarments
  11. Pyjamas
  12. Pillow
  13. Sleeping Bag or Warm Blankets. (These will not be provided each person must have their own.)
  14. Shaver
  15. Deodorant
  16. Towel, facecloth
  17. Toothbrush, Tooth paste
  18. Soap & shampoo
  19. Extra eyeglasses / contacts (if applicable) / Contact lens solution (if required)
  20. Sunglasses
  21. Hair brush/ comb/ sprays/gels
  22. Kleenex
  23. Lip balm
  24. Water Bottle or Canteen
  25. Small Back Pack
  26. Survival Knife (Folding knife with locking blade, max blade length 3 inches – NO DEVIATIONS)
  27. Flashlight (optional)
  28. Name tag
  29. Watch

Team Stores: One compass plus one spare marked in degrees not MILs.  A small supply of kindling to light two fires (fire starter and wood will be available at sight).

Dress for the weather which can vary greatly from dry and warm to wet and cold. Loose fitting clothing is preferable.

Items such as personal electronics are targets for theft and therefore should remain at home. CF/DND is not responsible for personal items lost or stolen. Kit inspections must be conducted at LHQ prior to travel. Escort responsible to ensure cadets have required items. Individual team members will be excused from competition if proper attire not worn. Your appearance is expected to meet dress regulations. Shaving is required by all males and females with long hair are expected to wear in a ponytail. No alcohol, tobacco, fraternizing or unruly behaviour will be entertained.

Cadet kit can only contain the items authorized above. All other required kit will be issued at the exercise.  Support Cadets will receive rank slip ons from staff.