September 16

16 Sep 2020 – Canadian Survival

1900 hrs:  Group Zoom Meeting 


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1910 – 2010 hrs:  Cadets break off and watch Survivorman Les Stroud, and complete assigned questions


2015 – 2030: Group Zoom Discussion


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2030 – 2045: Survival Scenario/Survival Kits Challenge 


-One thing to mention.  Survivorman, Les Stroud in his show always is trying to get to a point where his crew will pick him up.  I strongly recommend staying where you are!  You can signal search and rescue crews much easier.


Level 1-3


Survival Questions


  1. What clothing was Les wearing to keep him warm?

  2. What items would you pack to wear in a winter survival situation?

  3. Why is wool a good choice?

  4. What survival items did he have?

  5. Do you think that would be enough for you?

  6. What else might you want?

  7. What might you be afraid of in a survival situation?

  8. What could be another reason that Les was playing his harmonica?

  9. How can the equipment and knowledge you have gained reduce your fear? 

  10. What thoughts did Les have to help him keep going?


Level 4-5

Survival Questions


  1. What does the Acronym STOP stand for and why is it important?

  2. First Aid – Why would first aid knowledge be important in a survival situation?

  3. Fire – When is this a priority?  Why?  What Firestarter would you include in a survival kit?

  4. Shelter – Why do you want your shelter wind proof?

  5. Signals – What do you know about emergency signals.

  6. Food and Water – How did Les get his water and food?

  7. (Why would you not want to eat snow?)

  8. What can lead to hypothermia?

  9. What would you do differently from Les?

    1. What about where he skinned the Rabbit?



Survival Scenario 


You are on a camping trip with your family. It is a pleasant day in mid-October. The campsite is far from town, and your family is the only one there. At 3 pm, you decide to go on a short hike. You start off along a clearly marked trail. When you see a rabbit, you follow it off into the woods. When the rabbit finally goes down a hole, you realize you are lost. You don’t know which direction the trail or the campsite is. You have been gone from the campsite for about two hours. You are lost in the woods. 


In your backpack, you have: 

• a one litre bottle of water, 

• a sandwich bag of trail mix, and 

• a bird identification book. 


You are wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a light jacket. The wind is picking up, and it looks like rain. 



1. What is the first thing you should do? 

2. Think about the consequences of staying where you are, or wandering through the woods. What are the pros and cons of each? 

3. Consider the key elements of the survival pattern – first aid, fire, shelter, signals, and food and water. What is your plan? 

4. What kind of things would you want to observe about your surroundings?