Welcome Back 2021


Cadets and Families

Welcome back to the 903 RCACS Training Year.

At this time Capt Wilson is away from the Unit.  As the Deputy Commanding Officer I will be acting in her position.

Given the current state of emergency in Alberta our Directive is to have Virtual Parade nights on Wednesdays with Supported in person activities on the weekends with limitations.

If you have not had a phone call please expect to hear from a Staff Member prior to cadets on Oct 6th.

Our first night back as indicated from Lt Irving will be Wednesday Oct 6th and will include updates from Admin and Supply (Field Training Uniforms!!!), promotions, and a session for you to help decided the direction of our training nights.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Capt Libby



Yes – it has been a long summer, and hopefully enjoyable for everyone. I would like to personally welcome all the Cadets of 903 back to training for the 2021/2022 TY. There will be another email sent between now and Tuesday addressing our local Wednesday training this upcoming week. The purpose of this email is to gather information on the following three opportunities for Level’s 3,4 and 5: 

  • Cadet Correspondent Training
  • Air Cadet Online Ground School
  • Level 5 Workshop


This is a great opportunity for all Level 3 Cadets and higher. This program is self-paced learning program for learning how to write News Releases and Home Town content for social media. With CO approval, you as a Cadet could be helping with providing articles of information for are Squadron! I would love to see a few cadets sign up and pilot (new program) this program for are Squadron. If you would like to learn more please contract me directly. 

If you would like to sign up please reply to this email ASAP as the DEADLINE for this is coming fast, I will need your name NLT 0800 Monday, 04 Oct 2021. Please reply to this email or email Lt Irving at: mitch_irving@hotmail.com 


Who would like to be the next PILOT at are Squadron? If you will be age 16 by 1 September 2022 you can sign up! Starting this year there will no longer be a local ground school. RCSU (NW) had creating a regional online course hosted by PAL Aerospace/Moncton Flight College (MFC) Training. This is a great opportunity for the Air Cadet scholarship program across the Region. The reason being for those Air Cadet units that do not have local pilots (like me) to train there Cadets this creates a level training for ALL applicates in the Region. I will still help and teach where needed, but this course is the ONLY why to get to writing your selection exam in January. The selection exam will be online at the end of your 45 hours of training. 

If you would like to sign up for ground school please reply to this email ASAP and I will load you on the training. The deadline for signing up is 07 October 2021. Please reply to this email or email Lt Irving at: mitch_irving@hotmail.com 


We as a National have all been effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we work together as a team to come out the other end of this we MUST continue with are Squadrons leadership training. This announcement is for all of 903’s new (and old) Level 5’s to sign up for the Level 5 work shop. This training will take place virtually on the 27th of November, 2021. I encourage all of 903’s Level 5 Cadets to book this off in their calendars. The deadline to sign up for the Level 5 workshop is the end of this month. I will address questions and inquiry for this training each parade night and will sign up Level 5 Cadet’s by the end of October. 

If any of the above training is of interest to you please email Lt Irving, MG ASAP. mitch_irving@hotmail.com 

I look forward to seeing everyone again this Wednesday and I hope everyone is excited to move into the New TY! 

Kind Regards, 

LT Irving, MG 

Training Officer of 903