How To Join

Interested in learning the skills of flying? Looking for new friends? Wanting to learn how to play the bagpipes or another musical instrument? Interested in getting physically fit? Then we might just be the youth program you are looking for.

Are you between the ages 12 to 18 and interested in flying or the air element of the Armed Forces? Are you looking for a challenge to bring out the best in yourself and your abilities? Then look no further, because Air Cadets is the program for you. You’ll make lifelong friends, learn valuable skills, and increase your self-esteem.

Air Cadets follow the military tradition of wearing uniforms, and we form a team which prides itself on leadership and citizenship qualities, physical fitness, and knowledge of the air activities of the Canadian Forces.

 Once you have completed the application, come to our Local Head Quarters, remember to bring your original birth certificate, AB Health Card, and Social Insurance Number if you have it.