Officers, Civilian Instructors, and Volunteers

Our staff consists of specially trained Officers of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, Civilian Instructors contracted through the Department of National Defence, and Screened Volunteers (Parents, Members of the Community) who all have a passion for working with youth.

These Officers have all undergone training specific to working with youth and are governed by the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence Code of Ethics and Military Code of Conduct.  

The Civilian Instructors and Volunteers undergo a rigorous background check to ensure their suitability to the program. Our adult staff strives for excellence in themselves and the unit, and our primary goal is the safety of your child while under their care.

Each civilian instructor or volunteer brings with them a host of experience within their specialized fields.

Squadron Sponsoring Committee

Our squadron sponsoring committee is comprised of screened parent volunteers who take an active part in the running and funding of the squadron.

Our infrastructure relies on these parent volunteers to ensure funding is in place for our local headquarters building and its contents, training equipment and activities that are not funded federally by the Canadian Armed Forces.

Without our dedicated parent volunteer staff, our squadron would not be able to function as the valuable youth development tool that it is currently today.

Air Cadet League of Alberta

The Air Cadet League of Alberta is a provincial committee that promotes the formation of local sponsoring committees of Air Cadet squadrons.  It also provides support for the program in partnership with the department of national defence.